Actor Nick Offerman turns 54 in 74 days

June 26 is the day we celebrate the birthday of Actor Nick Offerman. Nick Offerman was born in Joliet, Illinois, U.S. in 1970. Nick Offerman is 53 years old today and celebrates the next birthday in 74 days. Watch the video and save the date!

74 days
Nick Offerman Cancer

Nick Offerman's Birth Sign

The zodiac sign of Nick Offerman is Cancer. People with birthdays ranging from June 21 till July 22 are all Cancer.

Astrologists describe Cancer as emotional and imaginative people. They commonly have trouble with keeping up with their emotions, often resulting in mood swings. For Cancer, and for the people close to Cancer, this can be a challenge. However, Cancer are considered truly loyal and sympathetic people. You really want someone like that in your life! Do you think these characteristics apply for Nick Offerman?