Bassist Mike Dirnt turns 53 in 342 days

May 4 is the day we celebrate the birthday of Bassist Mike Dirnt. Mike Dirnt was born in Berkeley, California, U.S. in 1972. Mike Dirnt is 52 years old today and celebrates the next birthday in 342 days. Watch the video and save the date!

342 days
Mike Dirnt Taurus

Mike Dirnt's Birth Sign

The zodiac sign of Mike Dirnt is Taurus. People with birthdays ranging from April 20 till May 20 are all Taurus.

People with the zodiac sign Taurus are usually very stubborn. They see things from a practical and realistic perspective. Also, they’re great at making commitments, which makes them great and loyal friends and partners. The downside of having Taurus as a birth sign, according to astrologists, is that they are not a fan of sudden changes in life and are very insecure. Do you think these characteristics apply for Mike Dirnt?