Drummer Matt Nicholls turned 37 today!

Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of Drummer Matt Nicholls. Matt Nicholls was born in England in 1986. Matt Nicholls turned 37 years old today. Watch the video below and let us know how you are celebrating Matt Nicholls's birthday!

Matt Nicholls Aries

Matt Nicholls's Birth Sign

The zodiac sign of Matt Nicholls is Aries. People with birthdays ranging from March 21 till April 19 are all Aries.

Some say Aries are commonly very confident and passionate people. Aries like to take on leadership roles in life and excel in physical challenges. In most cases, people with the birth sign Aries are very impatient and have a pretty short temper. Do you think these characteristics apply for Matt Nicholls?