Actor John Cleese turns 85 in 188 days

October 27 is the day we celebrate the birthday of Actor John Cleese. John Cleese was born in Somerset, England in 1939. John Cleese is 84 years old today and celebrates the next birthday in 188 days. Watch the video and save the date!

188 days
John Cleese Scorpio

John Cleese's Birth Sign

The zodiac sign of John Cleese is Scorpio. People with birthdays ranging from October 23 till November 21 are all Scorpio.

People often say that Scorpio are stubborn and brave. They are dedicated in what they do and follow their own path in life. People with Scorpio as a birth sign love to be right. They’re always searching for the truth and will definitely tell you when you are wrong. Scorpio can be very jealous and sometimes even get the urge to become violent. Do you think these characteristics apply for John Cleese?