Comedian Dave Chappelle turns 50 in 80 days

August 24 is the day we celebrate the birthday of Comedian Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle was born in Washington, DC, U.S. in 1973. Dave Chappelle is 49 years old today and celebrates the next birthday in 80 days. Watch the video and save the date!

80 days
Dave Chappelle Virgo

Dave Chappelle's Birth Sign

The zodiac sign of Dave Chappelle is Virgo. People with birthdays ranging from August 23 till September 22 are all Virgo.

People consider Virgo as practical and hardworking. They leave nothing to chance and carefully analyse their options before taking actions. People with the birth sign Virgo tend to worry a lot and are often (too) critical of themselves. They work very hard, but have to pay attention that they don’t burn out. Do you think these characteristics apply for Dave Chappelle?